Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It has been awhile

I find it easier to blog personally when I have a day off or holidays - this is the last of 3 days holiday with my family after we opened an exhibition in Margaret River; Back to Nurture. The show looks fabulous, I think I just got it all wrong in terms of communicating to the local Margaret River community - plan to spend a few days talking to people to get it right next time. But check out the exhibition at

So we pack up in Busselton to head back home to Perth - we really love Busselton at the moment when our son is so young (2) he doesn't mind the gentle surf here at the beach. We'll probably frequent Dunsborough more when he's older. So would absolutely love to invest in a 2 bed villa/unit to make it easier to just drop in for a few days holiday especially since it happens every 3 months or so.

Need to take Charlie out for a walk - but will be back more frequently....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Humidity and Goals

Well here I am talking about the weather again.... but here in Perth we are not used to humid conditions and boy does it wear you out! We had an opening night function last Wed night which was very steamy and sticky however it couldn't have been too bad since we had over 100 people attend plus I ended up asking people to leave or at least join us for pizzas at the cafe open next door, I think it called Avenue 9 - due to being on 9th Avenue in Inglewood; Great pizza especially the seafood and vegetarian varieties.

And, goals. Have met my weekly swimming commitment with my swimming buddy for 5 weeks straight, so have made it right through January. Am feeling really great about it. Boy is it easier when you know you have someone else to meet there. So here is to continuing throughout 2009 - it is hard to get up and be there by 8am every Sunday but when we do - I feel so much better for it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 day reset

My husband, Russell and I have completed 4 of 5 days of the USANA reset - detox style program - talk about a challenge. I think it has been a bit harder for Russell because he is doing it more for support for me - and far out am I glad he did because I've been ready to throw it in, especially today - but he is determined to complete it. Which will feel good to do.

So why are we doing it? Well from my point of view I know many cultures/religions have an annual practice of 'cleansing' and so I thought it would be a good thing to adopt in the new year - a kind of mini ritual to reinforce new beginings etc for the new year. I still think it's a good concept I perhaps won't do this one again. I think it has been great and is a good thing to do because it has highlighted all the bad habits I've got into over the past couple of years but the milkshake style meals instead of real food has been the biggest challenge for me. Mainly because I enjoy food so much.

Needless to say we only have one day to go - yay

We sold the couch!

Woohoo, although we loved our couch it was far too big for our current house. And now that it has gone to a good new home - we actually got what we wanted on it by selling on ebay, ebay seems to have improved or restored confidence with buyers again.

Anyway, now that it has gone we have so much more space in our living room and it simply feels more 'zen'. So we feel it was a good decision and has transformed our little cottage.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Woohoo love my new diary cover by Vivian Bonder

I just LOVE my new diary cover. Vivian Bonder introduced herself to me earlier this year when she came across my business Interactive Arts. We didn't meet for a variety of reasons however at the time I 'googled' her name and came across her blog and etsy store. Later in the year I met her partner at a BNI meeting having just become a member and as a result I thought of her work again and approached her to make me a unique, distinctive work diary cover. And this is the result!!! Make sure you check out the photographs she has of it on her blog.

Selling on ebay

Am having an interesting experience selling our couch on ebay. Although I consider myself reasonably experienced buying and selling on ebay sometimes what gets the most interest completely takes me by surprise.

Our couch we have decided to sell due to it being unsuitable in terms of style and size in our little weatherboard cottage however because it is in such good condition and so comfortable we decided on a reasonably high opening bid because we consider it 'meant to be' if we can't find a buyer for that price or higher. We have had one offer of our opening bid however we are keen to let the auction to continue because if we did receive more then it is still good value for money for the buyer and frankly an extra few dollars would assist us greatly - we we all in Western Australia have just stuck out rising interest rates, petrol prices and grocery prices. Yes all are easing now however it was a very challenging year 2008.

So with less than 2 days to go, with over 800 people having viewed the ad, 50+ watching it, 10+ contacted me direct etc - will someone actually complete the transaction through ebay rather than asking us to take the listing off? I hope so, and I trust it will go to a good home that will appreciate it as much as we have. Only time will tell....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

fatdesigns Etsy shop

Why do I have items listed on my personal blog called fatdesigns etsy shop? Because it is my handmade cards label.

Why call it fatdesigns? Well my name is now Fleur Allen Toyn rather than Fleur Allen so I thought it was fun to use fat instead of fa - a bit more fun. Why do I design handmade cards? It is a hobby for me. A great creative release from my roles as wife, mother, business owner etc. The idea is to use recycled or found objects whereever possible to create my once off designs. Therefore every card is guaranteed to be an original.

Check them out tell me what you think?

Happy New Year

2009 has started well, although a wee bit early at 6:30am when our son woke us up full of beans as usual. No matter what time he goes to sleep at night he always wakes up at the same time, talk about a regular body clock. Had a lovely NYE at friends in South Perth overlooking the foreshore and watching the fireworks round the place bringing in the new year - although I did have a short 'nanna' nap at 10:30 for almost an hour - I know, I know - not really a party animal. But with a 2 year old I am just not awake at midnight anymore unless he hasn't slept...

It is a glorious day here in Perth and now about to have some couch-potato time as my husband and son enjoy day sleeps too.