Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you for 2011 and 

Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year

See you in 2012


Psst... don't forget my end of year thank you special, last day today ;)

Why do I recommend?

Having been in business now for over 4 years, I am regularly asked what services I use and/or recommend for business and also in my personal life to maximise my use of time. It is well known that although I love what I do in my business life it is also very important to me that I maintain balance in my personal life as this is what a successful life is to me and this also ensures I am the best version of myself in all areas of my life. 

Because it is important to surround myself with the best knowledge, tools and team to assist me to achieve all that I wish I have learnt from trial and error. And it is since consistently sharing and being asked to recommend what I know and use at networking events to those I meet - that has motivated me to create this recommendations and review page. It is simply an online version of all that I know and share in person and is intended to assist you if you're searching for high quality contacts and services to improve your business life.

Fleur recommends Sue Papadoulis - Publicity for Profit:

I have known Sue Papdoulis all my adult life, we actually went to school together; don't worry Sue openly admits this too. I have always admired her for her strive for excellence. It was approximately 5 or so years ago that I began learning from Sue her insider knowledge on PR and I have consistently received media coverage since. I have completed Sue's extended training for Publicity for Profit which taught me not only just how to write a media release and how to go about submitting it to media contacts but also how to prepare for interviews including radio and TV. 

Go to my 'In the News' page on this website to see the publicity coverage generated already for this business which began in June 2011.

I highly recommend Sue's seminar How Publicity in the Media AND Create More SalesAny Business Can Get Free  7 February Seminar Details Here

Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year Thank you

Thank you for your support and interest in the first 6 months of my new business Property with Purpose. I was working with some motivated clients today! They're taking advantage of this time of year to get their property mindset right and to setup their preparation and research tools I've just taught them; exactly what I was discussing on this week's interview on 6PR. It is inspiring and motivating to me to mentor people putting the skills, tools and strategies I teach into practice.

As a thank you for the end of 2011 - use this code 2011Special to receive 50% off the price of my first seminar in 2012 on 18 February book online here - this code is valid for the last 2 days of 2011! I look forward to seeing you then. But in the meantime....

Have yourself a Happy and Safe New Years and see you in 2012!

Warmest regards,

Fleur Allen