Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Here's to all those Australians and residents of this great fair country of ours. Have a wonderful day and be bold, be proud and kind to your fellow man. I look forward to assisting you to own a piece of this great land.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Emotions, Structure and "Love"

Emotions, Structure and "Love" The 5 Pillars of Property with Purpose

I am very excited to have completed the first draft of my chapter on the topic of 'The Mindset of a Property Investor' today for the forthcoming book 'Ignite Your Property Investment Mojo' (due to be published by June this year). I am one of 15 authors for this book having been invited to contribute by editor Lenore Miller from Newcastle, New South Wales. And as far as I know I'm the only WA author.

It is an exciting opportunity to write what I know about this topic out for people to read, learn and put into action. This will be the first chapter of the book (an absolute honour). So what have a included? I have divided the topic into 5 sections relating to how your mindset can affect your success as a property investor.

As the content for the book is not available yet for publication I need to keep it under wraps BUT I will list these 5 sections on my welcome page when you sign up for my Hot Tips to Getting Started in Property and when you attend my live seminar  How ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND Money to Fund their Cause on 18 February 2012 you receive a copy of the book FREE (That's right I'll send a copy to you if you attend a seminar before June 2012). The book will retail at RRP $30 (plus postage and handling).

I hope to hear from you and meet you at one of my live seminars to learn about your own journey as a property buyer and investor.

Have a wonderful and purposeful day!

Fleur Allen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go Green

This is definitely the way of the future regarding property especially new construction. It is true that not all green concepts are affordable or even available but I believe if you start thinking, asking and acting more green then this will set you up well for a long term property portfolio.

Why? Because as more and more people are travelling nationally and internationally for work they are looking for quality, affordable living options and because the ongoing consumable costs of living (electricity, water, heating and cooling) in a sustainable living property can be reduced this will gain momentum and therefore demand over the long term.

Either way be mindful of this and begin to introduce green concepts as you can afford them and/or as they become available. For example, one of the simplest starting points can be to ensure your property has energy efficient light globes and water saving shower heads. Heating and cooling is far more efficient with the right window treatments (blinds and curtains) and ceiling insulation. Solar heating especially in Australia simply makes sense. The design and availability of water tanks has transformed over recent years.

If you don't know where to start begin by looking up your local energy providers website as they all now provide great and simple ways to start to make a difference:

Electrical providers:

Variety of choices (New South Wales)
Synergy (Western Australia)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Weekend days are Real Estate Days

Begin to develop your Instinct for property by browsing through the property section of your major newspaper in your state. If you focus on your cluster group of suburbs this should take you less than half an hour of your time each week but with powerful results. Do share with me on Facebook or at my next Live Seminar in Perth How ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND Money to Fund their Cause .

BTW If you sign up for my property tips on my homepage you'll receive a great price for my seminar because I just love rewarding action....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today's interview by Christina Cridland in The Sunday Times

Thanks to Christina Cridland at The Sunday Times for the opportunity today to discuss my top 3 tips for you to turn your property resolutions into reality: to focus, prepare and research. And this time of year when things have slowed down is perfect to take a moment to set your goals for 2012.

If you read the interview thanks for visiting my website and if you complete the form to the right of my homepage you will receive my 5 Hot Tips to Getting Started in Property. As I mentioned this is a great time to get organised and these tips will assist you not only for your next but every property purchase you make. Do let me know how your property experiences develop and feel free to connect with me on Facebook or attend my next Perth Seminar How ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND Money to Fund their Cause on 18 February 2012.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

May 2012 be filled with Action

What would you like to fulfil in 2012 as your goals, aspirations or purpose? As I recommend to you regularly it is important to set these and then work towards them step by step by doing something every day, week or month - whatever timeline works for your current lifestyle and before you know it that dream home or investment property or holiday is a reality.

Today I put into action my own aspiration to share and empower as many people as possible to get started into property whether it be buying their first, second or third property by completing an interview and photograph for The Sunday Times Property section. Yes I was interviewed on what my tips were to transform your New Year property resolutions into reality, so if you're local then grab yourself a copy this Sunday! And lets take on this property game together....