Thank you to Denise Cahill from The Western Suburbs Weekly

Thank you Denise Cahill from The Western Suburbs Weekly for sharing our Fremantle business network meeting being held today with her readers. 

Since living and working in Fremantle in recent months I have heard from locals, business owners, professionals and residents express their concerns of the changes in today's market and the need for businesses to work together to support each other to generate growth in this market.

This has inspired me to form a new network group called Fremantle Business Networkers:

If you read the article thank you for contacting me and visiting my website. Details of today's meeting can be found here:

If you would like to attend today please either book online prior to attending or text me your attendance and bring $25 cash for the lunch - that way we are free of the logistics and can get down to business.

Do let me know how your networking experiences have been and you're welcome to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn I look forward to meeting with you.

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