Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out of the Box

I am delighted to share with you how I have finally found a way to communicate clearly all that I do. On the outside many people say they are confused about all the things I do which is a great concern to me so I got to thinking.... Realising essentially there are some common themes across all that I do... that is:

1) Hosting people aiming to create an inspiring, inclusive environment
2) Networking assisting people to meet and connect to meet their needs
3) Educating people, either directly or indirectly assisting people to shift from where they are now to where they want to be whether that be in personal or business development.

Therefore, I am working on using one brand or banner to house all that I do called 'Out of the Box'.

How this title came about was...

I am often described as doing things a little differently or thinking about things a little differently which brought me to the phrase 'thinking outside the box' or 'out of the box thinker' but through a discussion with my brother when I was saying I am also good at connecting people both online and offline but that I believe that powerful and meaningful relationships definitely need an element of a live event experience. So he suggested 'Out of the Box' because I'm not only an out of the box thinker but I get people connecting out of the box of the computer or technical forms of communication.

So there you have it... stay tuned for Out of the Box.

Out of the Box Events has begun in a small way with a new Facebook page:

Stay tuned for more and thank you for your interest and support in what I do