Monday, January 20, 2014

We are delighted to feature Out of the Box Biz member Ken Allen. He is a diverse, creative professional promoting events in 2 businesses. He also happens to be my brother and I have known all my life as an out of the box thinker. In fact Ken was one of the key people assisting me to brainstorm the name of this business.

Ken is a cartoonist, illustrator, community artist, carnival drummer, band manager, festival float builder and event organizer.
Currently Executive Officer for Darling Range Connect - An Asset based community development organisation based in the Shire of Kalamunda better known as All We Need Is Right This is a community notice board for all people connected to the communities within the Shire of Kalamunda. Discover, Connect, Act & Celebrate.

Check out the free community event on tomorrow:
He is also Co-Director and founder of the Funk Factory - a Festival Production, Band and Entertainment booking agency and the Creative Director for the Junkadelic Collective. The Funk Factory stands on the cutting edge of live entertainment in Perth. A booking agency specialising in the weird, wonderful and all things funky! 
With these diverse skills and roles I am delighted Ken has committed to joining for 2 memberships for both his roles. You will be sure to have a memorable meeting and conversation on meeting this creative.

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What degree major do you think we both studied? It wasn't business...

Meet our Out of the Box Thinker members

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Out of the Box Thinker Nina Kaminski

I am thrilled to feature Out of the Box Biz member Nina Kaminski. She not only is an outstanding professional in real estate delivering high standards of service and ethics but she is an out of the box thinker professionally and personally in many, many ways.

I have had the good fortune to have known Nina from University days but only recently reconnected in the past 4 years through business (networking in fact) and particularly since we work in the same industries (property and networking).

Nina is a real estate agent for RealMark Residential and a current BNI member, ex chapter president and current Ambassador therefore an active and expert business networker. What this means is she is also very well connected in business and therefore a giver. 

She is simply quality through and through. With these qualities she also has the role in Out of the Box Biz as 'Hostess with the Mostess' therefore she will meet and greet you or assist you to connect with others in the networking event room.

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What degree major do you think we both studied? It wasn't business...

How do you enrich lives?

How do you in business make your clients and customers experiences enriching?

In my businesses I make personal contact whenever I can. Particularly through a simple phone call. I also try to get to know my clients well enough to know who would prefer a personal phone call and who is not expecting or needing a personal phone call due to the overwhelming amount of emails and phone calls they already receive.

But this business, Out of the Box Biz, is committed to running live networking events to bring people together to inspire and motivate each other and to simply get 'out of the box' of technology; that is, off social media, email, smart phones, laptops etc and interact and make quality business relationships the good old fashioned way - face to face.

Don't misunderstand we also agree and believe all these new, technical ways to maintain contact are useful and have their place however the online relationships have their power when combined with face to face, live events.

At our live events we also have 'hostesses with the mosses' to assist members and guests to feel relaxed, inspired and included because that is part of our vision to: connect people with like-minded people in an inspiring, inclusive environment.

If you're not sure you're enriching lives then think about what your vision is and how you put that into your business and also think about when you get 'goose-bump' moments in business? Because this is usually when you have assisted a client or customer beyond their expectations… how do you do that?

What is your vision?

Mine is:

'My Life Purpose, also called 'My Why' is to empower people to create greater freedom, choice and opportunity in their lives. Connecting them with like-minded people in an inspiring, inclusive environment.' 

This is the motivation behind every business venture I have from my first business Interactive Arts, my second business Property with Purpose x 3 to my new venture Out of the Box Biz.

Have you articulated or documented your vision? Gold and Platinum Out of the Box Biz members spend time as part of their memberships writing or tweaking their vision. Jump over to the Out of the Box Biz website to find out more about our 4 levels of business networking memberships:

Sales = Service

Regardless of your personal opinion of Apple Store they have quite simply come out on top in a climate where retail is considered dead. I believe we all can learn and apply elements to small businesses in the area of sales and service. 

Therefore I was delighted to come across this article this morning '10 things you can learn from the Apple Store' by Guy Kawasaki:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seeking professionals, owners, visionaries, action takers, go-getters in business that are committed to making things happen for themselves and those in their immediate community. 

Come visit our business community Out of the Box Biz to make generating high quality word of mouth referrals effortless and remain current on all business needs, issues and education. 

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