Thursday, January 16, 2014

How do you enrich lives?

How do you in business make your clients and customers experiences enriching?

In my businesses I make personal contact whenever I can. Particularly through a simple phone call. I also try to get to know my clients well enough to know who would prefer a personal phone call and who is not expecting or needing a personal phone call due to the overwhelming amount of emails and phone calls they already receive.

But this business, Out of the Box Biz, is committed to running live networking events to bring people together to inspire and motivate each other and to simply get 'out of the box' of technology; that is, off social media, email, smart phones, laptops etc and interact and make quality business relationships the good old fashioned way - face to face.

Don't misunderstand we also agree and believe all these new, technical ways to maintain contact are useful and have their place however the online relationships have their power when combined with face to face, live events.

At our live events we also have 'hostesses with the mosses' to assist members and guests to feel relaxed, inspired and included because that is part of our vision to: connect people with like-minded people in an inspiring, inclusive environment.

If you're not sure you're enriching lives then think about what your vision is and how you put that into your business and also think about when you get 'goose-bump' moments in business? Because this is usually when you have assisted a client or customer beyond their expectations… how do you do that?

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