Friday, June 27, 2014

From the Wild West to the iWest: Mindset and Business Models

Every 6 months at Out of the Box Biz we will have a meeting that is more celebratory, often with a theme for fun and in a different venue to our usual monthly meeting room. This aims to bring variety to what we offer our members and guests while creating a fun, relaxed environment we can all get to know each other on a different level.

Our first celebration event is Wild Wild West on Friday 11th July. We a bit of everything planned from a stimulating, thought-provoking discussion from our keynote speaker to some good old fashion fun and laughs with bootscootin and social networking to be had. What we have in store:

Keynote speaker Rajab Karume discussing 'From the Wild West to the iWest: Mindset and Business Models' : 

  • Change; the promise of the communication Technology Age
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Business models of the future
  • Future proofing a business

Plus a lot of Hoedown, bootscootin, chicken finger lickin' fun. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet Keynote Speaker Rajab Karume

Meet Rajab Karume our keynote speaker for our July meeting with a difference here he shares a brief taste of his ideas on technology, society and change: 

Rajab is a champion of change and more specifically ‘adaptability and agility’. “Change is a foot – Disruption of conventional business models is its manifestation’. Rajab speaks, conducts and facilitates workshops – across the board. Rajab Karume is a founder and co-founder of a number of start-ups, and has a developed an in-depth understanding of the use of technology both web and mobile to build a communication bridge for business organization and individuals. Currently Director at NeedlenHay Digital 

Sands of time – Business Focus

Change – Sands of Time in Business

The Industrial age brought about the biggest transformation, than ever before in recorded history, in respect to living standards in the west. Think about the diseases, more so plagues, which have now been relegated to the archives of medical history. This significant improvement in individual living standards also facilitated ‘consumerism’ – that fine line between needs and wants. And since commerce does not happen in vacuum, business boomed.
It may be expedite for a man to heat the stove with his furniture; but he should not delude himself by believing that he has discovered a wonderful new method of heating his premises – Ludwig van Mises
We are now in the thrones of another age – information age. One of the attributes that characterizes an age/era is – relatively rapid systemic change to the environment that significantly influences, deals away with previously subscribed to limitations.
Wesfarmers, an iconic W.A company is about to celebrate its centenary sometime this year. (Still waiting for my official invite to the celebrations). Congratulations are in order here, from a business perspective. Wesfarmers is on my list of the top 5 companies, when I get asked to name a national Australian company that simply gets it. And a few years ago, Wesfarmers paid $19 Billion for Coles chain of super markets – one of Australia’s largest corporate deals to date.
The year is 2014 and Facebook an iconic global business is celebrating its single decade of operation. One of my top 5 international companies that gets it. The same year Facebook announces its purchase of WhatsApp, for an eye watering $19 Billion. The jury is out on this – but that’s to be expected.

There were many terrible things in my life and most of them never happened. Michel de Motaigne
Another attribute that characterizes an age/era is – relatively seismic cognitive shift lag, it takes significantly longer a period of time for most to comprehend and accept. As a result New Leaders emerge and the old ones are relegated to the archives of business history.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Social Media Tips… Get to know your Digital Customer:

  • Effective Customer Engagement means listening proactively to your audience, transparency and authenticity. Using a mixture of Information, Entertainment and Personalisation are great ways to do this.
  • Understanding your digital customerIf you are thinking about how to gain more traction out of your social media, start first by understanding your digital customer, when are their most engaging days, whats the demographic, when are they most active. You can use analytic tools like sprout social to help you with this.
  • Find our more about a soon-to-be-launched Social media comprehensive program for Small Business - learn the secrets of the big guys and how they use proven social media formulas that work.

About Tenille

Tenille Bentley has been successfully building companies for over 10 years, as a result has been recognised by the Prime Minister with The Australian Leadership Award presented to only 20 people in Australia, for her work in Digital Media and Philanthropy, she also was awarded the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence and State Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and recently inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame.

Her success has been driven by her desire to fund her work in the community, building The Global Good Foundation a charity focussed on helping high risk children change their life story through camps and programs that they run. She has reached a global scale with awareness programs and educated over 60,000 children in 5 different countries. Recently having climb Mt Everest base camp to help raise funds to put 16 teens through these programs aligns with her belief that she aims to leave the world in a better condition then when she came into it.

How to Grab New Leads through your Website

We are proud to present to you Rosie Sandars from Webholic as one of our 3 speakers this month for our topic of All Things Online 18 June.

What you will learn:
  • How to make sure the right people can find you online
  • How to use your website to bring new leads and take the action you want them to
  • Plus, tips for improving web forms and lead conversions

Rosie Sandars is a creative designer who loves to code, an avid repurposer, and has a healthy addiction to really really 'good' coffee.

She is also the founder of Webholic, a bespoke creative design service specialising in wordpress business websites and email campaigns

Her passion is supporting business owners  to achieve greater ļ¬nancial success through the use of clever online marketing tools and time-saving tactics.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Xero: The Online Answer

We are delighted to bring to you Lita Squibb from Midas Bookkeeping Services as one of our speakers this month for our topic of All Things Online.

Lita will be sharing with us:

Xero - The Online Answer

Lita will discuss the benefits of using Xero, the online accounting software, in small business.

Xero is, currently, the most advanced online accounting software available to small business and it is extremely easy for business owners to use.  It has given time back to the very busy and time-poor business owner.

Join other business owners to learn more about Xero.

We are Out of the Box Biz are 'in love' with Xero never thought it possible for accounting software but it really is different from the rest.

To attend book online here:

Read more below about Lita and how she came about to run her business Midas Bookkeeping Services

About Lita Squibb

Bookkeeping and Human Resources (HR) are passions of Lita's which started in her teens when she took a bookkeeping course at a business college.  She was hooked from the start and so enthusiastic about her new found skills, she volunteered to look after the finances of her parents' business, and she has not looked back.

Having worked in the bio-medical field for some time and utilising her HR knowledge and skills - having managed 103 people, Lita moved to the mining industry where she was able to apply and further develop her bookkeeping and HR skills, experience and knowledge.

After a career spanning over 28 years, the idea of starting her own bookkeeping and HR compliance business was born.  As Lita has always enjoyed bookkeeping and HR, meeting and working with different people, it wasn't  a difficult decision to make.  She also wanted the freedom to make smarter decisions for herself and for her clients - to keep their businesses safe, so Midas Bookkeeping Services was created.

Lita has a deep-seated desire to help business owners keep themselves and their businesses safe and offers a complete suite of compliance services including bookkeeping, HR and all systems and processes.  She has the knowledge, experience and systems to back up any processes suggested and implemented, to make businesses more efficient and ultimately more profitable and to help keep businesses compliant.

The feedback, so far, suggest it was definitely the correct decision.

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