Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LinkedIn – A Waste of Time for Startups or Helping Grow Your Bottom Line? - Thank you to Patrick Green from Start Up News

Thank you Patrick Green from Start Up News for the article on a topic I'm passionate about, the underutilization of free resources such as LinkedIN.

Since being in business for over 7 years it amazes me the number of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals that either don't have a LinkedIn profile or simply don't use it. I am delighted now this year that through the Business networking organisation, Out of the Box Biz I'm able to share my knowledge and experience in all things networking.  How this came about was… a good idea that I didn't act upon but after building a business networking group in Fremantle last year for someone else, I was motivated by business owners and professionals that know me in business that encouraged me to create my version of business networking. Which is the need for businesses to work together to support each other to generate growth in the market and to meet face to face.

This was my inspiration to create this new networking organisation, Out of the Box Biz:

If you read the article thank you for contacting me and visiting my website. Details of our next meeting can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/make-money-while-you-speak-out-of-the-box-biz-august-networking-education-meeting-tickets-12268468319

If you would like to attend please book online prior to attending that way we are free of the logistics and can get down to the business of networking on your arrival.

Do let me know how your networking experiences have been and you're welcome to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn I look forward to meeting with you.

Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Meetings confirmed

Absolutely thrilled and delighted to have all our themes and speakers confirmed. Check out the programme for the remainder of this year:

Wed 13 August - Public Speaking Paula Smith

Wed 10 September- Networking Patricia Ryan, Marketing Anton Menkveld,

Wed 8 October - Cash Flow Management: Tracey Loubser and Social Media Panel: Linda Liebe, Peter Butler, and Rajab Karume.

Wed 5 November - ‘Know Your Mind, Know Your Business’: Paul Counsel

Wed 3 December - End of Year Keynote Speaker: Ron Gibson

Next month will be working on the 2015 programme… stay tuned!