Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet expert guest speaker Patricia Ryan

Delighted to bring to you at our next monthly meeting expert guest speaker Patricia Ryan from Networking with Patricia. She is a mover and shaker amongst the corporate sector in her own right, a master networker and very well connected.

She will give us a presentation on Why Networking is so Important covering:
  • How to go beyond survival when walking into a room of strangers
  • Reading Body Language
  • The Art of the Hand Shake
  • Business Card Exchange and 
  • Most importantly and most overlooked - Follow up

Grab your ticket today here

Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet Expert Guest Speaker, Paula Smith

Paula Smith I met through networking over recent years. As we are both avid networkers it has been a delight to get to know her through a means that I love and enjoy, as you all know being networking. It is an absolute honour to have her present to our audience of switched on professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs this month on 13th August.

She is sharing her expertise on speaking in public but this presentation is focused on how to do so and increase your client base and business growth. Paula's authentic style will have you captivated because her main aim is to teach you how to develop trust with your audience. That for us here at Out of the Box Biz, is absolutely what it is all about.

In Paula's words: "Trust is the new currency in modern business"

So if you'd want to hear more about this and the following points then book online today here:

  • How you can build a business and make income from what you know
  • How you can use speaking to build your business
  • Why social media is not the only way to build a data base of raving fans
  • Why speaking isone of the most profitable skills you need in modern business
  • Wny selling your time for money is not the best way to build wealth