Friday, September 12, 2014

We're delighted to Welcome back The Cashflow Queen to present:

The 5 MUST Do’s to : Make and Keep More Money In Your Business.

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Tracey will cover :

·         Who you need in your TEAM to guarantee more “FUN” money.
·         What is the BIGGEST FLAW most business make in the area of FINANCE.
·         And WHERE you can go for help!

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Tracey Loubser is the ‘Queen of Cash flow! She is an Hons Degree qualified accountant with over a decade and a half’s’ experience working within professional practice (Deloittes), a corporate environment (Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Risk Management) and in the past six years directly with small to medium business owners.

Over the past six years, Tracey has helped many business owners achieve great success in business, from transforming a business from a NET Loss to Net Profit in ONE month, to improving Net Profit in another business by 65% (in just 7 months), as well as achieving a 47% reduction in debt over 12months while still maintaining owner drawings and growing staff commitments.

It is common knowledge that the failure rate in Australian small business is frightening! In fact stats indicate that 87% of these failures are mainly because most business owners have no idea what is going on in their business financially. It is this financial inadequacy that drives Tracey’s vision to make financial literacy accessible to every small business owner in Australia within the next 5 years.

The result of this vision will certainly have a direct impact on small business success and longevity in Australia.

In order to achieve this vision, Tracey works side by side with Accountants and Bookkeepers through her training business; Confident Cashflows Training and Education, and shares “The Proven Profit Boosting System”.

By sharing her Step by Step “How to analyse, measure and track (efficiently) system”, as well as her Templates, Do’s ,Don’ts and the learning’s which can save her students tens of thousands of dollars, as they explore this mostly untapped market, Tracey expects to transform the small business success rate FOREVER, while her students build new profitable and successful business models, and ultimately become more appreciated and valued to the business community!

Tracey also shares the non-content related learning (which you only get from experience!!) through her Coaching program. This covers the most successful ways of Marketing and Selling these programs to clients, Pricing Do’s and Dont’s, and a lot that THIS program (unlike others!!) EARNS more Regular Revenue and Builds “A grade” clients into “Raving Fans!!”

Tracey shares her passion for her craft as a key note speaker to both small business owner groups and the accounting profession. Her presentations are educational, interactive and FUN! She is a strong believer that “If it’s not FUN, I am not doing it”, and this message is clear in her presentations which has been proven to lift the energy of any room and inspire ACTION!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Please welcome expert guest speaker Jason Paizes


Jason Paizes - Director of IT Mooti (Pty) Ltd will be giving a brief introduction to Ontraport - the amazingly popular web automation solution designed for entrepreneurs.

Learn how successful companies are using Ontraport to deliver value to their customers, to improve their profits and to save time.

Items that Jason will be covering include:

  • ·      An overview of what automation is and why you need it
  • ·      What Ontraport does so well that other systems don’t
  • ·      The concept of “Outsourcing to Systems”
  • ·      A real-world example of Ontraport in action

Expect to walk away from this brief talk with an awakening as to what automation is, how this applies to you, and how Ontraport could help you to work smarter, make money and save time.

Jason Paizes
Co-Founder and Director of IT Mooti
With over 15 years experience in software development, information management system implementation and business automation, Jason is regarded as an expert in Business Cloud Computing. He has been involved in the streamlining and automation of businesses all around the world including the UK, Africa, The Former Soviet Union, and Argentina.
Jason has been a business owner since his early 20’s, has been involved in dot com ventures, listed companies and small business.
Personally, what drives Jason is his dream of helping as many people as he can embrace the current wave of technology as a tool to improve their lives.

Welcoming back expert guest speaker Anton Menkveld

We are delighted to welcome back expert guest speaker Anton Menkveld 
to discuss at our meeting on 10th September:
  • What is Customer Life Cycle Marketing
  • Why is it important
  • What can I start doing today in my business - Useful tips
  • What technologies are available out there to help me
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