Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! See you in 2016!

Happy New Year! It is time to Celebrate the now. Despite what your year has been like always, Always, ALWAYS celebrate the good and get ready for the great of the New Year.

Wishing you all safe, fun celebrations today and see you on the other side in 2016 x

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Signing off for 2015

'Twas the night before Christmas'...
A quick Festive Season message from the Out of the Box Biz​  You Tube Video Channel:

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10th Day of Christmas our October event is all about getting connected and networking

Delighted to have Sarah Cordiner presenting to our community in October on "Turning Your Services Into Profitable Products (& Passive Income)"
To take advantage of the 10th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here
In this workshop style presentation by Sarah Cordiner, you will learn:
- How to accelerate your influence and increase your income by creating authority products and programs
- How to communicate your expertise and authority to your industry using 'Edupreneurship'
- The fundamental steps for creating your profitable products for industry influence
- How to generate a passive income from your message and expertise
- How to use your products to get seen, heard, followed and respected as an industry leader
- Some of the strategies that Sarah used to create a 7 figure business in 18 months that you can use too
To take advantage of the 10th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

12th Day of Christmas Please meet our End of Year Keynote Speaker Shelley Taylor-Smith

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

11th Day of Christmas please meet our November 2016 speaker Thrillionaire Nik Halik


Am absolutely THRILLED to have international speaker Nik Halik presenting at our November speaking on the topic 'Massive Passive CashFlow Investing' 

To take advantage of the 11th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

He will discuss:
  • How to recession-proof yourself by creating your own personal economy & stimulus plan. Gives you total peace of mind.
  • How to generate massive passive income while you sleep.
  • The untold rules of the Money Game. How to win it and catapult yourself to financial freedom.
  • How to turn your passion into cold-hard cash. Step-by-step, success blueprint revealed
  • How to disconnect yourself from the "System" of controlled thought patterns.
  • How to predict the next 5-10 Years of your life.
  • How to recalibrate the "Hard Drive" of your mind and develop the Psychology of Excellence.
  • How to explode your income by resetting your financial blueprint and setting your "Money Thermostat" to the "ON" position
  • What strategies in today's economy are mandatory to ensure your survival for the next 5-10 years.
  • The revolutionary process to uncovering your life passion and body of work
  • How to draft your very own screenplay and predict your next decade of excellence.
To take advantage of the 11th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2016 Goals

I love this time of year as we wind down for a short time to reflect on the year and spend time with close family and friends. This is also a time that I love to spend some time reflecting specifically in all areas of my life and look at where and what I want to focus on in 2016. I know many people feel pressured when setting goals by the fear of failure. But remember these are your goals and your deadlines so if you don't achieve them then simply adapt them or change the time line.

This year I used the step-by-step goal setting plan by Brian Tracy to use as my structure to set my 2016 goals. I use a range of strategies for goal setting but for this year I found this process great because the steps are literally laid out in detail and all you need to do is fill in your own content.

So if you're setting your 2016 goals in Life, Business or Career, , Health, Giving Back or for your Financial Freedom then take a look at this plan by Brian Tracy I highly recommend it.

I will share in another post another strategy I use in addition to goal setting to stay focused on my goals and supports maintaining a disciplined approach to achieving them.

Monday, December 21, 2015

9th Day of Christmas meet John Bellamy our expert returning in September 2016

Delighted to be welcoming back John Bellamy to present in September 2016 the topic 'Sales and Sales Automation' Discover how you can get a consistent flow of super high quality, high paying clients ...on autopilot!

To take advantage of the 8th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here
john_bellamy_bannerAutomating a sales process is a true art form. In this talk John shows how you to re-engineer your entire sales process with ease. This Heart Centred approach to selling allows you to focus on Making Money without feeling like you are pushing your product/service onto people, it's a focus on building your service that really has people coming back for more.
John's clients alone have included: KFC, Sizzler, Suncorp, Andersons, Eagle Boys, Caterpillar, ANZ, REIQ, Conveyancing Works, Countless Non-Profits and too many more to mention.
This Heart Centred approach to selling allows you to focus on Making Money without feeling like you are all salesy, it's a focus on building your service that really has people coming back for more, expect to want more of this hot topic!
To take advantage of the 9th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

8th Day of Christmas we're celebrating all things Legal in Aug 2016 with Sharyn Roblom

Delighted to have our very own Sharyn Roblom raising awareness about an issue in business that even Lawyers don't know about which is all about PPSA legislation and how this is important to your Terms of Trade with her association with EC Credit Control that she has access too to bring you the right support and guidance to 'get it right'.
Sharyn has a beautiful ability to highlight a potentially 'scarey' business situation in a reassuring manner and with the solutions available to address and prevent these potential problems.
To take advantage of the 8th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Saturday, December 19, 2015

7th Day of Christmas meet keynote speaker Gary Wilmot

We are half way for our 12 days of Christmas celebration of all our 12 months of speakers for 2016 Perth events.
So thrilled to have Gary Wilmot to share his story as a keynote presentation in July 2016 titled 'How an Ancient Greek Saved My Life' which is describing his experience of crossing Australia (Perth to Brisbane) and what has happened since as a result of that experience.
Here below are some snippets of his story in 2 videos filmed before he left and an interview on the night before he arrived into Brisbane at our live Perth events. The video quality of the interview is not of an ideal standard as we didn't know if it was going to happen and I didn't brief my technical staff sufficiently. However you can hear his excitement the night before completing his 4 month journey.


Gary Wilmot video call to OOTBB from Visual Reality on Vimeo.

To take advantage of the 7th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Friday, December 18, 2015

6th Day of Christmas meet Caroline Shaw talking about events in June 2016

Delighted to have Caroline Shaw returning to her hometown, Perth for our June event. She will be presentingHow to Run a Highly Profitable Event - aimed at speakers (or budding speakers), authors, coaches, consultants – anyone who is or would like to get in front of an audience.
Caroline has 25 years experience in Business, Sales, Marketing & Event Management. She coaches and mentors business owners and entrepreneurs in the field of event management and marketing. Outstanding people person with a focus on building long term relationships. She is an exceptional leader with desire to develop teams and team culture and a Professional and dynamic public speaker.
Her Specialties are: Marketing strategies both on and offline, event management and filling rooms, sales and sales processes, developing people, developing teams, building relationships, building businesses, supporting a cause, making a difference
To take advantage of the 5th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Thursday, December 17, 2015

5th Day of Christmas meet Linda McMahon to get you more productive


Please welcome Productivity expert, Linda McMahon as our May 2016 speaker to present ’All About Productivity - The Mindset, Support and Procedures needed for Success'
Linda will discuss:
In this powerful, interactive presentation you will learn how to design the right framework for your business and how it will give you the following: -

* Greater connections with your clients, staff or future staff, colleagues and your bank account.
* Increased productivity and profit.
* More time and reduced stress.
* Less room for errors, confusion and conflict.
* A way to set your business up so if your not there it still operates in a way that meets not only your standards but also meets the expectations and delights your customers and employees or future employees.
* Peace of mind to spend quality time reconnecting with what and whom you love.

This presentation is going to give you the framework to take your business to the next level. The level of more powerful connections and business success.
Linda works with business owners that are looking to grow their business, gain time for themselves and have a vision for the future through her business, Essential System Solutions.

My clients are usually looking at investing in systems for their business that allows for more productivity, less room for error, easy training and great retention rate of the right employees. They would also be looking for ways to allow them more time away from working 'in' their business so they can be working 'on' their business. They desire peace of mind when they are absent from their business that it is being operated in a way that meets expectations and delights their
customers/clients /employees/suppliers/ distributors and the like.

To take advantage of the 5th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

We are now Live!

Out of the Box Biz now has a brand new, fresh website and is temporarily sitting at a sub-domain 

This means that the blog for Out of the Box Biz will now be at this new website - yay! 

This is Stage 1 completed of 3 Stages – therefore a temporary situation. However despite this not being ideal, I would rather part deliver than remain silent and appear not to be delivering on upgrading the online look of our business. I believe that our online ‘look’ has been a weakness this year and am delighted that we are moving forward before the new year with a fresh look that reflects much more authentically what we are all about.
Here is a short video explaining this stage: 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

4th Day of Christmas meet Tenille Bentley to clear the confusion about social media

We're delighted to welcome Tenille Bentley back on 13 April 2016 to present ‘Digital Consciousness & The Trust Economy’

Tenille Bentley has built a multi million dollar social media agency, and taught some of the largest brands around the world on the success formula for social media. Having taught thousands of companies this formula she takes it another level to explore what it means to be Digitally Conscious and how this can form the fabric of success for a brand's authentic voice.

Tenille has lead the shift in communication into the online space for these brands and educated them to understand how to gain the biggest impact. She has successfully converted thinking and the past culture of “doing business” to some of the most prominent boards in Australia and effectively connected community and commerce together to build a more authentic way of doing business in the modern era. Being Digitally Conscious is more than just having a social media presence, it's being aware of what we post, how we post it why we post and why people should care.

Tenille will take you on a journey of being an entrepreneur and how she used social media as a tool to get her awards like; 

Australian Financial Reviews Top 100 Most Influential Women
Top 20 Australian Leadership Award presented by the Prime Minister
Western Australia Womens Hall of Fame Inductee

To take advantage of the 4th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Monday, December 14, 2015

3rd day of Christmas Meet our Cash is King experts

Cash Flow Management is, we believe, one of the greatest misunderstood and undervalued aspects of 'getting business right'!

Therefore we have decided to bring in 3 experts to share their expertise and knowledge on how to 'Get Smart' when it comes to cash flow management and to take the viewpoint that 'Cash is King'

Lita Squibb from Midas Business Solutions will give a bookkeeping perspective:

Ross Paterson from RSM Bird Cameron an Accounting Perspective and

Kristen Huey from Commonwealth Bank shares a fabulous banking/payment gateway that provides 7 day and same day settlement - so no more waiting through the weekend to get paid!

To take advantage of the 2nd day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

2nd Day of Christmas Meet Dale Beaumont getting us into Systems

Dale Beaumont is best known as a serial entrepreneur and passionate promoter of education.

His biggest claim to fame is he's the author and publisher of 16 best-selling books, which have collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies. Incredibly, 11 of those 16 books were published in a single year, a feat that earned him the title "Australia Most Prolific Author".

As a result of Dale's success, he has been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Ten News, ABC Radio, Radio 2UE as well as being featured in over 100 newspapers and magazines, including Wealth Creator, My Business Magazine, AFR Boss and Virgin's In-flight magazine.

Before books, Dale was the Managing Director of a boutique public relations firm, which generated over $5 million worth of free media exposure.

Outside of business Dale has passion for educating teenagers. That's why in 2001 he co-founded Tomorrows Youth International, which runs self-development programs for 13 to 21-year-olds in six countries. Dale's flagship '2-Day Empower U Program' is still running to this day and over 27,000 young people have now been impacted by the program he started.

At Out of the Box Biz in February 2016 Dale will present ' Business Systems is the Key to Smarter Business' and will cover:

How to Automate and Systemise Your Business
  • Unpack your knowledge into a simple system your staff can follow
  • Create a consistent, reliable experience for your clients
  • Grow your business rapidly through scalable, replicatable systems
  • Gain greater visibility over the status of internal processes
  • Multiply the value of your business by eliminating its dependence on you
Effective systems give your business the structure it needs to flourish without you. This gives you the freedom to work on your business instead of in it. It also means you create more time for you to simply relax and enjoy life.

To take advantage of the 2nd day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Saturday, December 12, 2015

1st Day of Christmas Meet Kelvin Chong

People know me best for my photography, what I’m really passionate about is helping fellow business owners get ahead faster (avoiding the mistakes I made) so that together we can make a huge positive impact on our world.

With an Environmental Engineering background when asked why I switched to photography? It was 'Beautiful Women'!
That’s my response when people ask me why I switched my career to starting up my own photography business in 1997. For the next 5 years I was cruising along with very little business sense, making just enough to get by, when a celebrity makeup artist who had just returned from the US met me and wanted to work together, on one condition. We had to GLAM me up to look the part!!

This was the first time I had ever coloured my hair, grew out a beard, spent more than $400 on jeans, wore jewellery, etc. The first couple of weeks was weird looking in the mirror at a totally different person. Then that’s when the compliments started coming in, boosting my self esteem and within months I had become famous in my own right! Photographing at Perth’s top social events, shooting for magazine covers, rubbing shoulders with celebrities!
Then some drama happened, resulting in me having to get myself out of a half a million dollar debt. Fortunately I sought help from some amazing business coaches and mentors and have successfully turned things around and am now living life to the fullest. More of these juicy details at the live event!
Fast Forward to 2016, I now help fellow entrepreneurs look amazing in their promotional material. While you’re sleeping, eating, working, your website and social media presence is being viewed 24/7. Wouldn’t you want to look your best all the time? What are your potential clients seeing right now? What if changing your profile photo doubled your leads, how would that change your life?

The event for Out of the Box Biz is the first time I have presented on the topic 'Rags to Rockstar' which I am passionate about. Join me and grab your ticket now here Look forward to seeing you at the there!

12 days of Christmas Specials Start tomorrow

Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, Bestselling Author and Champion Mindset Motivational Business Trainer, Shelley Taylor-Smith is simply extraordinary.
Delighted to have her for our December party 2016 and to present a keynote presentation. Shelley's philosophy is to assist and support people that 'Can you make yourself do something you really don't want to do, in order to get a result you would really like to have?'
Portraits of marathon swimming great Shelley Taylor-Smith at Matilda Bay where she won her first major open water swim. Pic: Michael Wilson, The West Australian, 11th September 2014.
Portraits of marathon swimming great Shelley Taylor-Smith at Matilda Bay where she won her first major open water swim. Pic: Michael Wilson, The West Australian, 11th September 2014.
To take advantage of the 12th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here
Born in Perth, Western Australia, Taylor-Smith suffered from scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, throughout her school years. The condition required her to wear a back brace, although she was successful in national age group swimming competitions. While on a swimming scholarship to the University of Arkansas in the United States, the heavy training regime caused a lower-body paralysis. During her recovery, her coach noticed that her swimming improved at greater distances, and encouraged her to take up marathon swimming, a sport which would also allow her to avoid potentially back-damaging "tumble turns".[1]
Taylor-Smith's first major achievement was breaking the world four-mile record in 1983. Subsequently, she won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim five times, breaking the world record in 1995 for swimming the 48 km distance in five hours, 45 minutes and 25 seconds.[2] She also won the Australian Marathon Swimming Championships three times, and seven consecutive FINA Marathon World Cups. She won a gold medal in the inaugural open water swimming event at the 1991 World Aquatics Championships in Perth, and a bronze at the 1994 Championships in Rome.[3]
To take advantage of the 12th day of Christmas guest (non-member) early bird price book here

Friday, November 20, 2015

Today's Video Blog 'Why Out of the Box Biz Holds Party style Events'

I'm very much looking forward to networking with a more social focus at our December Motown event to be able to get to know colleagues in a deeper way. Which is why I am motivated to include 2 social business events into our 12 monthly Out of the Box Biz meetings.

In today's video blog I explain this motivation and why I select the keynote speakers. In addition, all too often I hear Business Professionals dismiss the occasional social style business event as being 'too social' and therefore 'what's the point'. In my business experience I have had confirmation of some of the biggest and longest standing projects been given final 'approval' at a social business event. Why?

I believe because colleagues are away from their computers and the usual day-to-day pressures of business because they area bonding and sharing with you socially; this means they are often more relaxed. This frequently leads to them remembering the incomplete project or item that has ground to a halt sharing they think it's a great idea but just haven't had a moment to let you know.

A bit of contrast in the way you network with your business colleagues and connections to go very far.

If you would like to attend our December 'Motown' End of Year event proudly supported by our Party Venue Partner Liberty Executive Offices please book online here

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thank you to editor Denise Cahill from Western Suburbs Weekly for this Business feature - US trip yields business award

I am thrilled to have been recognised with 3 business awards in 2015 local, national and this international award; Ontraport Success Award 'Most Creativity with Technology'.

Thank you to editor Denise Cahill from Western Suburbs Weekly for this Business feature. 

Thank you if you are visiting this website for the first time; do contact me if you'd like to receive further information about business networking events.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Diversity and Leverage your Investment Income Expert guest speakers

Each year Out of the Box Biz has an 'Investment theme' because I am passionate about not only supporting business professionals to succeed in their working/business life but also to encourage to make sure they 'haven't got all their eggs in one basket' in terms of generating wealth over the long term therefore I am committed to present one meeting a year that focuses on ways to grow and leverage your income from your business or employer to 'take care of you'.

This year we have 3 expert guest speakers the evening will follow the following structure:

Financial Planning presented by Ian von Berg discussing Financial Planning and the importance of a Financial Plan, using his software to demonstrate some investment strategies which include direct Share and Property investment; Cameron has Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Corporate and Investment Finance (Curtin), Diploma of Financial Services (FINSIA) and is also Exchange Traded Options accredited (ADA1 Kaplan). Stockbroking presented by Cameron Prunster will then speak about Equity Investment; and 
Property Investment presented by Paul Masten discussing Property Investment including 

Book your ticket today here

  • The value of financial advice
  • Being able to evaluate different strategies the achieve better outcomes
  • Why invest in general 
  • Essentials of investing 
  • Why shares are an important part of your asset allocation 
  • Participants in the share market 
  • Types of brokers and where Argonaut fits in
  • The importance of your own unique circumstances 
  • Examples of types of different portfolios
  • Value investing, Argonaut advantage
  • General risks, pitfalls and mistakes to avoid 
  • Key investment themes we see over the short, medium, long term
  • Why you should use an advisor
  • Introduction
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Overview of Australian and Western Australian Property Market
  • Types of Property Investment
  • "Purchase, Renovate, Subdivide, Flip" Property Investment Strategy
  • Review of current Property Investments available
  • Property Tip
  • Conclusion

About our speakers:

Ian von Berg
Ian established his own business, Wealthguide Australia in June 2009 and provides advice to individuals on how they can structure and manage their financial affairs.
Previously Ian spent 17 years working for Perpetual Trustees in an advisory role which has provided a considerable depth of knowledge in estate planning.
His expertise lies in providing strategic advice in areas such as superannuation, investment, retirement planning and insurance protection.
Ian’s primary objective is to provide a professional and ethical service to his clients on a fee for service basis.

He is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and holds the following qualifications:
·       Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment
·       Diploma of Financial Planning
·       Certified Financial Planner

Cameron Prunster

Cameron specialises in small to mid-cap resource stocks, providing advice and trade execution for high net worth individuals and corporate clients, while also assisting small to mid-cap resource companies in raising capital.
Cameron joined Argonaut in 2010 and is a key member of their Private Client dealing team.

Paul Masten

LLB is the Principal of Fremantle based boutique Property and Resource consultancy, Greater Australasian Capital.  Having previously worked as a Commercial and Property Lawyer, Paul has advised and worked with some of Western Australia's largest property developers and has been involved directly with property investment and development for over 20 years.  Property is Paul's commercial passion and he has a wide range of experience in property development and investment.  Greater Australasian Capital assists clients with Property Investment strategy and implementation.