Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Expert Guest Speakers Dr Robert Brown and Grant Meyer

Do You Need an Exit Strategy? 

Out of the Box Biz 11 February Meeting

Expert lecturer Dr Robert Brown and Accountant Grant Meyer will be presenting the 'what, how & why' on succession planning, exit strategy, performance & productivity.


What: what are you currently doing? How are you doing this? Why is/isn't working?

2. THE HOW & WHY? 

Advisory Board tools; describing the tools and 'how & why' they will make that difference.

Work with a participant to run through the questionaire

Advisory Board Chairman, Financial Director of Business Brokers Association (BBA) Founder, former  Chairman of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) and Director of RB Business Solution & Business Brokers.
Robert  is very much a strategic thinker empowering all in making that difference, his engaging personal beliefs coupled with the many years of experience in international business, finance, government, education, sporting and industry sectors.
Robert’s innovation and inspiration coupled with his tireless enthusiasm in making a difference with the Advisory Board team and stakeholders alike.
Robert asks’ “how can we assist you to become more successful as business leaders of Out of the Box Biz in our World of Business”.

Grant Meyer is  a highly experienced professional with comprehensive skills in client management and business development. He has a passion for strategic planning, developing and implementing financial systems, accounting functions, processes and controls, cost-reduction, automation and tax strategies that significantly improve client Profit and Loss scenarios. And particularly enjoys helping clients to understand the importance of a business strategy. It is vital that businesses have their core financial systems in place and a solid compliance capability, but the real excitement comes in the strategy and planning for the next stages of their business cycle.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Delighted and grateful for our article 'Artists can now show works online' on page 6 of the Fremantle Gazette today

Thank you Jessica Nico from the Fremantle Gazette for the article on Out of the Box Biz.

This article features the history of my own experiences staring in business beginning with an online art gallery and then transforming it into a business networking and education organisation. The challenges seen in the art industry over the past 6 years inspired me to create this new organisation, Out of the Box Biz:

Thank you also to Out of the Box Biz member; Artist Narelle Manser-Smith for the use of her stunning work, Cherish featured in this photograph.

If you read the article thank you for finding us and visiting our website. Our first meeting for 21 January with the theme 'First Impressions'. If you would like to attend please email me here for details.

We have built now to over 76 members in 12 months celebrating our 1st birthday on 1st January 2015. We have a January birthed membership offer, again if you'd like to know me simply email me here.

Do let me know how your networking experiences have been and you're welcome to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn I look forward to meeting with you.