How I do it all?

Many, many friends and colleagues are continually asking me, 'How do you do it all?'

And sometimes I do ask myself that very same question... but jokes aside.

How do I do it all? I found a software program that suits my needs, my way of thinking but also complements how I work. Which ultimately replaces the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA). I indeed intend on engaging a VA at some point but that is for assistance with face-to-face or phone contact tasks. If a task can be automated, then why not? It means I'm able to deliver a higher level of service and increase my face-to-face contact availability.

My greatest needs are to have my daily tasks managed and completed. I run a monthly meeting which means not only do I have repeated daily tasks but weekly and monthly. I acknowledge at this point that this is overwhelming initially, how many simple tasks you repeat over and over and over again. But once you're able to 'get over' the initial feeling of overwhelm, it's important to document your tasks and work out how you can put them into a system that then can be automated. I am still very much on a steep learning curve on this one. And am about to engage a professional to assist me with this because I see the value of doing so now.

The software program that suits my needs and the way I think and work is Ontraport. But if this is all brand new to you my recommendation would be to start small and begin with their baby version (as I did about 3 years ago) SendPepper. Progressively I have worked my way up the levels of their subscriptions as my needs grew and my understanding of the software grew too.  Good luck and feel free to share your own experiences with me on this topic.