Saturday, March 21, 2015

Expert Guest Speaker Evan Porter presents 'Your Time Matters'

Evan Porter Bio

Evan is a dynamic and experienced speaker and facilitator who has over 14 years’ experience in a number of Learning and Development roles. 

Recently Evan has been Training Director of the Priority Management Office in Perth delivering training, one to one coaching and business development. 

Priority Management is widely acknowledged as a world leader in Communication, Time Management and Project Management training.

Evan currently delivers many of Priority Management’s time and workload management programs, such as Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook, Working Smart with iPhone / iPads and Working Smart in Meetings. 

Evan has always had a strong focus on consistently delivering to high standards and exceeding customer expectations. This extends to teams he has managed as well as been a part of. Evan is passionate about helping others to learn and likes to challenge others to produce great results, especially when dealing with their customers.

Your Time Matters presentation will cover:

·        Challenges of managing day to day tasks
·        Introduce 5 key time management principles
·        Pay offs of good day to day time management
·        Next steps

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Allen's Biz quick to get out of the box

Thank you Denise Cahill from the Western Suburbs Weekly for the article on Out of the Box Biz.

This article features of how I was recently acknowledged as one of 100 Most Influential at the recent NIFNEX Awards:

Thank you also to Out of the Box Biz member; Zeeshan Pasha for creating this award initiative now in its second successful year.

If you read the article thank you for finding us and visiting our website. Our next meeting is on 15 April with the theme 'Time Matters and Pay per click advertising'. If you would like to attend please email me here for details.

We have built now to over 80 members in 14 months and will close off new membership once we reach 120 members.

Do let me know how your networking experiences have been and you're welcome to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn I look forward to meeting with you.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Expert Guest Speaker Sue Papadoulis and Speed Networking

Delighted to welcome back expert guest speaker Sue Papadoulis presenting the topic "How YOU Can Use the Media to Get to No.1 on Google" 

The presentation: 

One of the best things about getting media coverage is that you can use it to improve the search engine rankings of your web site. 
You’d be surprised how many small business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve helped get to the home page of Google using this secret technique that virtually no one else is using. 
Plus, you’ll learn how to use press releases to be featured quickly and easily on the home page of Google without spending a cent on search engine optimisation – this information alone, makes the event worth attending.
Join us for the evening to get connected and learn the most current business education on offer: 


Speed Networking session so you can make a number of quality connections in one night.

What our members say: 

How YOU Can Use the Media to get to No 1 on Google: Out of the Box Biz March m