Friday, July 17, 2015

Absolutely thrilled to have our first interstate expert guest speaker, Rossco Paddison, flying in to present at our Out of the Box Biz August meeting to present the topic 

'Grow Rich and Serve Humanity' How to Expand Your Reach And Double Your Customer Conversions 

Whilst Becoming A Conscious Entrepreneur Who Serves Humanity

Rossco is not only an expert on the topic but an all round great, positive person too. Welcome him to Perth and discover how to leverage “Doing Good in the World” and realise how it can also create  opportunities for you to reach more people & convert more of them into customers. Businesses around the world are uncovering how to truly leverage the law of reciprocity to help them grow their businesses at an accelerated pace.

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This insightful vision-focused presentation, will dramatically increase your reach and sales if you simply implement the high value takeaways that Rossco Paddison (and his business partner John Bellamy) typically only share with their high paying clients.

Rossco Paddison is the founder of the Heart Centred Money Makers Movement.  Having spoken to tens of thousands of business owners, he creates a space to implement a conscious approach to capitalism.

Having had several businesses before the age of 18, Rossco has now gone on to grow multiple successful six and seven figure businesses of his own as well as assisting thousands of his clients to grow their businesses also.

Rossco has boiled his formula down to what it actually takes to grow a business like yours fast and it has been proven and tested time and time again in over 50 different industries.
During the evening You can expect to:

→ Discover the “Heart Centred Business Acceleration Formula” that Rossco himself uses and how to incorporate it into your daily practice for maximum profits.

→ Rapidly expand your reach by leveraging your contribution to the community so you can increase the number of prospects you actually engage.

→ Uncover how to rapidly increase your conversions with just two simple words that are guaranteed to make sure you never hear the word “no” again.

This talk is designed to inspire you into action as a Conscious Business Leader in your community so you to can begin to reap the long term benefits of doing business with heart.

If you feel drawn to create any sort of a legacy with your business then you will definitely want to attend this event.

Join us for our August monthly meeting to get Conscious in Business

6pm arrival for a 6:30pm start

Wed 12 August 2015

Expert Guest speaker flying in from the east coast, Rossco Paddison presenting 'Grow Rich and Serve Humanity' 
Expand Your Reach And Double Your Customer Conversions 

Whilst Becoming A Conscious Entrepreneur Who Serves Humanity

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