Friday, November 20, 2015

Today's Video Blog 'Why Out of the Box Biz Holds Party style Events'

I'm very much looking forward to networking with a more social focus at our December Motown event to be able to get to know colleagues in a deeper way. Which is why I am motivated to include 2 social business events into our 12 monthly Out of the Box Biz meetings.

In today's video blog I explain this motivation and why I select the keynote speakers. In addition, all too often I hear Business Professionals dismiss the occasional social style business event as being 'too social' and therefore 'what's the point'. In my business experience I have had confirmation of some of the biggest and longest standing projects been given final 'approval' at a social business event. Why?

I believe because colleagues are away from their computers and the usual day-to-day pressures of business because they area bonding and sharing with you socially; this means they are often more relaxed. This frequently leads to them remembering the incomplete project or item that has ground to a halt sharing they think it's a great idea but just haven't had a moment to let you know.

A bit of contrast in the way you network with your business colleagues and connections to go very far.

If you would like to attend our December 'Motown' End of Year event proudly supported by our Party Venue Partner Liberty Executive Offices please book online here

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thank you to editor Denise Cahill from Western Suburbs Weekly for this Business feature - US trip yields business award

I am thrilled to have been recognised with 3 business awards in 2015 local, national and this international award; Ontraport Success Award 'Most Creativity with Technology'.

Thank you to editor Denise Cahill from Western Suburbs Weekly for this Business feature. 

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