Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

Farewell 2016 .... Hello 2017.

What were your 3 achievements of 2016?

3 things you would like to improve for 2017?

For me, highlights were:

1. a new revamped event calendar for my business Out of the Box Biz
2. Putting my 12 week mentoring course online and
3. Spending quality time with my close family and friends

For 2017 I wish too:

1. Improve the online presence of my business Out of the Box Biz and all that I do in business to be a more united, consistent effort
2. Maintain good life/work balance and
3. Develop ways to support those I work with in business in an efficient and meaningful way.

How about you?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

And the winner is...

I was delighted to be a part of the 2nd Annual Greatest Entrepreneur Giveaway this month!

Together with 20 fellow change-makers, we put together an impressive collection of business tools, programs, products and services!

A large number of applications were submitted in the running for 1st and 2nd prizes.

Collectively, we are giving back by giving away more than $2 million in products and services, designed to make doing business easier.

Why was I motivated to give back? Because I know you are not Average. You are here to Succeed.
I just like to Assist People to Grow.
If you’re seeking new leads for your business you can achieve this through business networking applying our foundation principles both face-to-face and online.  Firstly it is essential to know your Purpose. Join our courses to gain clarity on your Purpose and set yourself up for the Success you Seek. These fundamentals in business are often overlooked when seeking new leads in business, but refining these each year can kick start you into the New year. Join us and Let’s Go!
My prizes were:

1st Prize Worth

Kick Start your Year Business Mentoring Course
This 12 week course guides you through essential fundamentals in business that are critical to convert new leads to clients in any business new or established. The content is delivered through a weekly email for you to action the content. This program includes defining or reviewing your:
  • Values, Vision, Mission and 3 month Goals
  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Ideal Client Journey
  • Assess Lead Generation strategies and Conversion tools
  • The Power is in the Follow Up
Membership to our private Facebook groups and Email support throughout the course.

Congratulations to Tamika Heiden 

from Knowledge Translation Australia


2nd Prize Worth

Purpose Visualisation Process
Defining or redefining your Purpose is one of the most underestimated strategies in business and life today. Our Purpose Visualisation Process is simple but very powerful and is the beginning of you achieving all that you seek in all areas of your life including business, personal, wealth and health.

As my gift to you please take advantage of this opportunity to gain access to this 2nd Prize between now and 31 December 2016. Go here now!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Essential OIls Education and Support

After you have bought oils through the FDL Tribe and once you have received your first oils order from doTERRA. We love to support you using your oils as soon as possible by giving you the knowledge and education to add using oils into your daily routine.

We do this in a few ways:

  1. To assist you to learn how to use the oils for your needs (if you joined buying a Home Essentials Kit or a bigger kit) we give you the 10 Oils Booklet or M Essentials app as our new enrollment gift for you. This is not a doTERRA gift but one our tribe has committed to doing to support everyone that buys oils from us.
  2. We ask you what your current top 3 wellness needs in the home or office for your immediate family or colleagues.
  3. Explain how you can get your oils and chemical free household products for free with one monthly order and a small amount of sharing. Please note, there are no lock-in contracts and you can opt out at any time.

Please let us know if you have not had any of the above 3 points as we are all committed to providing you with the knowledge to be able to use essential oils at what level you choose.

Lemon Essential OIl

Lemon Oil - is the Number 1 best seller because it not only has health benefits but can be used in cleaning too and much, much more.

Most people that purchase the Home Essentials Kit find they run out of Lemon oil and Lavender oil first due to their multiple uses.

Some uses are:

  • Every morning I dilute 2 drops of lemon oil into 2 large glasses of water to have first thing (now after my teeth and gum pulling exercise) as a detox to begin my day before breakfast.
  •  I also love using lemon oil to clean surfaces in the kitchen and fridge because it works effortlessly but also leaves my home smelling fresh and clean rather than a 'chemical/bleach smell'.
  • One of my top favs and it just smells gorgeous when used in the petal diffuser from the Home Essentials Kit - someone I shared oils with recently diffused a blend of lavender and lemon which I never had thought of and it was a refreshing different way to experience lavender for me.
How do you use Lemon oil?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Uncover the Secrets of Essential OIls

Curious to know more about Essential Oils?

Open to alternatives to traditional medical options?

Motivated to improve the well being of those in your home or workplace?

Attend this workshop $10 each:

Be in the draw for the Door Prize gift of a bottle of doTERRA Hand & Body Lotion

Come together to learn and share:

What is covered:

- Learn about the top 6 Essential Oils to use in your home or workplace
- Experience and smell the oils first hand
- Receive tips on how to use Essential Oils immediately
- Have the opportunity to ask questions

Take the time to learn and hear how you can use essential oils to:

Clean appliances
Enhance cooking
Reduce bad breath
Uplift mood
Repel insects and
Wind down

Does this fulfil your needs?

Book Today:

Saturday 3rd December 1:30 - 3pm

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November Essential Oils Workshops

There is no need to 'suffer' with:

Hay fever
Common Colds
Chemical Cleaning or Personal Insect repellant products and much more

Join one of our November workshops to learn how you can use natural essential oils that feed your body to be at its optimum level.

Sat 19 Nov   Claremont venue
10:30am - 2:30pm Open for Retail sales and enquiries 

3pm - 5pm Oils for Blokes Workshop

Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop 
Tuesday 22 Nov 2pm - 3:30pm Claremont venue

Thurs 24 Nov 11:30am - 1pm

Be Hayfever Free Forever
Available 24/7 contact us for our online video workshop

Monthly Open Days:

Join us at our monthly open days to learn more about using essentials oils in your home or office and ask questions. Order more oils and purchase extra roller and spray bottles and essential oil accessories as you need them.

Saturday 12 November 2016 - 11am - 1pm - Rivervale location

Saturday 19 November 2016 - 10:30am - 2:30pm Claremont Location

Tuesday 22 November 2016 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm Claremont Location

Thursday 24 November 2016 - 11:30am - 1pm - Mandurah location

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Be Hay fever free Forever

Oh my goodness. Life has changed forever. I don't say this lightly. For the past 30 years I have 'suffered' from hay fever for 3 months every Spring.  Usually kicking off each year with a 2 week sinus infection. I used to use a steroid nasal spray because my hay fever was so bad until about 15 years ago. When I met a GP (still my doctor now) that said she would only renew my prescription if I reduced wheat in my diet to see if that improved my symptoms. That conversation all seems so straight forward now, it was within the context of many consultations prior where she established that I was open to alternative health options such as using essential oils, herbal teas, yoga amongst other things.

Reducing wheat in my diet did improve my symptoms so I didn't need the scary nasal spray any longer but I still was quite unwell each year due to hay fever. Until this Spring. 3 things changed:

- My mindset
- Taking responsibility for my health instead of resigning myself to ill health and
- Using quality essential oils

Over the years I have heard and had discussions on the links between your inner thoughts and your physical health, however it just hadn't sunk in. Perhaps I wasn't ready to change?

This year, I realised I had been 'putting up with' hay fever in my life for 30 years so now, finally I was open to change.

I first 'googled' links between inner thoughts and physical well being and guess what book came up? Yes that's right Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' but also her list of symptoms to thought patterns I found here

Hay Fever: Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt.

As I have been open to and practicing positive affirmations and visualisations for many years I got to work and immediately began the work Louise Hay suggests on yourself. Due to my background in being open to all this style of self improvement - I arrogantly thought - no problem - I love myself but why then did I keep forgetting the word approve in the affirmation I chose 'I love and approve of myself'? It took a bout a week for me to blast through that block - thank goodness.

Next I visualised myself well and practiced the affirmations I am well and I am focused. Because hay fever often affected my ability to maintain focus.

Finally, to manage the symptoms particularly on very windy days I used the Allergy blend recommended by doTERRA of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils. Now instead of taking a commercial antihistamine I rub 1-2 drops of each oil into my hands and rub over my face and neck. Not only has it improved symptoms but all sinus issues including itchy eyes immediately disappears. This has improved my health and well being and my general quality of life in Spring 1000 fold!

So I am sharing this because I am celebrating but also for anyone reading this that they too experience hay fever each year to try it out for themselves with an open mind. Please do share your experiences... I would invite you to contact me and send me a message so we can add you to our secret Facebook group where we share oils tips and experiences together. I also have a special giveaway offer for the next few days to celebrate this milestone.

For a list of oils to address symptoms go here to the doTERRA blog.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update 3 of 3: The Complete Business Professional Body, Mind and Soul

I'm loving sharing my tertiary education 'roots' or past having realised this has influenced much of what I do in business. Once a teacher, always a teacher I guess however I prefer to see myself as a facilitator, guide or mentor that nurtures.

This is the final part of my 3 part update sharing how I will be assisting business professionals across the globe:

Do let me know if you're curious to know more about the 12 week business mentoring course?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Update 2 of 3 - The Complete Business Professional - Body, Mind and Soul

This the 2nd of 3 updates where I outline the overarching entity that these activities to nurture the Complete Business Person (Business, Health and Well being and Wealth Creation) come under. The banner of my FDL Tribe or Fleur de Lis Lifestyle tribe. Developing this entity and also my confidence to share this direction began about 3 years ago when I had a mentoring session with Roger Hamilton and more recently with William Whitecloud.

I am delighted to share that I work in all 3 aspects of the whole business professional - body, mind and soul. The latter of having a health and well being focus was not intended it simply evolved because I have been using essential oils in the home since I was 18 and therefore my son's whole life. This year he turns 10 and therefore he wants to be in business so the natural choice for him was sharing essential oils because it is something he is familiar with, uses and knows can help people.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Update 1 of 3 - The Complete Business Professional - Body, Mind and Soul

I'm delighted and excited to be updating you on my current and future focus in Business. This has all come about as I have been working on my existing business mentoring course. Through the act of going through the variety of processes and strategies I include in this course has really given me greater clarity on what I do and where I am headed - it totally works! On me as well!

As many of you already know my concern has been in the development and support of business professionals within my existing businesses, Out of the Box Biz in the Business sector and Property for Purpose in the Wealth creation (through property) sector. Now with an additional venture with my son - he and I share essential oils because he asked to be in business with me which means I'm also assisting business professionals in a health and well being capacity, because he shares using essential oils for kids and I do so with adults in the home or workplace.

What this means, is, I now work in all 3 aspects of the whole business professional - body, mind and soul. The latter of having a health and well being focus was not intended it simply evolved because I have been using essential oils in the home since I was 18 and therefore my son's whole life (as he is turning 10) and therefore was a natural choice for him.

I feel like my original theme for Out of the Box Biz for our first event in February 2014 'The Complete Business Person - Body, Mind and Soul' was authentically where I wanted to head but perhaps didn't have the confidence to head in that direction at the time or perhaps simply didn't have the clarity I do now and I just needed to continue on my journey...

I have been referring to all these activities coming under the banner of my FDL Tribe or Fleur de Lis Lifestyle tribe, I explain what this means in the video below.  This is the first of 3 videos I have created to outline my new direction:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

'Flourish' by Martin Seligman

Today I have reacquainted myself with a book I was thrilled to uncover about 5 years ago Martin Seligman's book 'Flourish'. This finally gave some solid evidence and acknowledged a movement of Positive Psychology. It explains how and why daily rituals are so important to nurture optimism and overall emotional well being in adults and children. As a result of this book my son and I regularly post in our gratitude journals. It really has taken 5 years for my son to volunteer to write down his 'top 3' of the day or week. But consistent persistence and leading by example has finally paid off.

I am now incorporating it into my online business mentoring course. Why? Because I am not only concerned with the improvement and growth of business professionals in their business lives but all the lives - in body, mind and soul. Because they are all integrated and affect each other.

If you have not come across this book I encourage you to take the time.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seeking your feedback

I'm interested to know which version audio you prefer for this Elevator Pitch (60 seconds) video?

A audio mixed sources the intention is for a warmer more natural tone:


B audio source lapel mic only for a crystal clear sound:

Why am I asking? Keith Flynn from Stress free AV offers recording these and is keen to know what people prefer. To find out more about what he offers go here

Thanking you!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Elevator Speech - Old school or Cash machine?

In place of the weekly business update, I would like to share about what an Elevator Speech is.

Why? Because having a 60 seconds or less summary of:

  • Who you are 
  • What you do and 
  • Why 

Is Gold, Gold, Gold. Sadly many dismiss it or don't even know what it is.

Here are some resources where I define what an Elevator Speech is and outline a suggested structure (which is included at the end of this post):

The below radio interview with 101 Business Radio and Michael Worthington, we are discussing what an elevator speech is (1 min into the interview) and how to structure it (8 mins 50 secs into the interview):

This next video is of a live presentation where I again am explaining the structure of an Elevator Speech I recommend and I have included at the end of this blog:

Therefore here is what I recommend should be the structure of your elevator speech:

0 - 10 seconds
Name (First and Surname), title, Company name - include any explanations such as my title is Master Networker and I usually summarise what that means and what my business is too.

10 - 30 seconds
Niche - why you are different, what makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, at Out of the Box Biz we actively connect our members both in between events and during.

30 - 60 seconds
Case study of a client you have helped, describing how

Finally here is an example of a 60 second Elevator Speech video describing my business community, Out of the Box Biz:

I welcome any comments on your experiences with using the Elevator Speech concept to ignite curiosity about what you do in business.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Weekly Business Update - How to Define Your Ideal Client

This week has been a very full-on week in business and also personally as I had a family member pass away unexpectedly over the weekend. Therefore I had this video completed and edited but never shared to let you all know - apologies - so back on deck and here it is below.

I was inspired to share this topic How to Define Your Ideal Client because it is one of the top 5 topics I always cover with every mentoring client I work with. It is also something that all business professionals should define and review regularly. I also cover why bother with defining your Ideal Client too:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Blog post on US blog Ontraport - ' 5 Favourite Networking Tips from Master Networker Fleur Allen'

As a 2015 Ontraport Success Award winner part of my prize was to have a published blog post on teh global Ontraport website. I am delighted to be able to share this my 5 Favourite Networking Tips published by global business Ontraport. Read here:

In addition there is some footage from my interview recorded prior to accepting the award on stage throughout the following video. View here:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekly Business Update - We Are One

This is a weekly update different from the norm due to conversations I've had throughout the week and taking a few days off from my son connecting back to nature and those closest to me including myself:

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Got to Feel It

This week's Business Update - Got to Feel it -

This topic was inspired by a combination of:

  • Returning to my usual daily rituals and practices after a bout of illness
  • Modified my daily rituals and practices to suit me better
  • The practice of Instinctive Immersion I share in my property mentoring business - listen to how it is relevant in a business context.
  • Listening to a webinar by one of my mentors, Roger Hamilton and
  • Inspired after watching the Abundance Factor movie

The production quality this week isn't as good as it has been - apologies - I recorded this earlier on a winter's morning which changed the light considerably - will be better next week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5000+ Listeners to The Art of Face to Face Communication Interview

I was delighted to be informed yesterday that apparently this interview from 101 Business Radio has attracted 5000+ listeners so far - delighted to have the opportunity to share these views on what is a deep concern of mine - the Lost Art of Face to Face Communication and a motivating reason why I created my business, Out of the Box Biz.

Thank you if you've already listened to this interview and thank you if you are listening to it for the first time or again - in gratitude. Please share your views on this topic in the comments

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Review and Reset

This week's Business Update was motivated by the End of Financial Year here in Australia - or can be useful elsewhere in the world as the half mark in the calendar year - as a good time to review your current business results and continue what is working and cast a critical eye on what is not working.

This Weekly Update - Review and Reset covers:

  • Review 30 June previous year or half year (End of Financial Year or half way through Calendar Year)
  • Reset 1 July goals
  • Example of strategy to assist review by surveying clients regularly
  • My son's business journey and more

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Don't Do it Alone

During this week I have been in communication with many of my Mentoring Clients - in between their 'official' meetings - because they are achieving and kicking such great goals and making great progress in what they are aspiring to do. This inspired me to share the importance of having:

  • A great support network around you
  • Develop your own Tribe of people you can connect with regularly and can ask for assistance and
  • Seek Mentors in areas of your life you want to take action and excel in
This is what this week's video is all about plus much more:

#weeklybusinessupdate #businessmentoringworks #businesstip #businesseducation

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Your Why

Here is this week's Business Update find out:

  • What this freak jumbo lemon has to do with this week's update
  • What I believe is the reason why I have a cold and
  • Why it's important to Know Your Why
An indication I have a cold is because I uploaded this to the wrong YouTube channel - no matter here it is:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Great experience to share

Last night at my business community, Out of the Box Biz monthly event it was a great and almost surreal experience for me. Why? Our expert guest speaker was Caroline Shaw. Caroline is absolutely the expert and authority when it comes to running profitable business events. So it was a great honour to host her as our expert guest speaker plus hear how we could be doing things better.

I have run 3 businesses all of which have been events based:

- Online art gallery, Interactive Arts ran Art exhibitions and pop-up galleries
- Property mentoring, Property with Purpose run educational seminars and workshops and
- Business community, Out of the Box Biz run monthly business education and networking events and some workshops

Therefore I have a long experience in working in running events however you can never good information too many times, I believe. What last night highlighted to me as a success was:

- Our business community, feels like a community, welcoming, active, positive atmosphere
- We run on time
- We had a full house
- Catering was great
- Technology was kind
- My event support team were fabulous as always - thanking the Out of the Box Thinkers Keith Flynn from Stress free AV, Narelle Manser-Smith our lovely Hostess with the Mostess, Pamela Accurso our Master Networker making sure people are connecting and networking and Ebony from our partner venue Cliftons making the flow of catering happen.

What we need to improve on:
- recruit another Host to assist and support Narelle when it's busy at the registration desk
- recruit an Event Liaise person to be the communication between Out of the Box Biz and Cliftons our venue
- work out how to get Prezi to accept transition change details in Powerpoint presentations when I import them

So not disastrous by any stretch of the imagination but always good to check what's working and keep it and adapt or improve what's not working.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Build a Team

Here is this week's Business Update find out:

  • What IKEA has to do with this week's update
  • Why it's important to Build a Team and
  • What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Be Prepared

This week I decided to share the topic 'Be Prepared' due to preparing my own presentation to the Young Lawyers Committee this week which I outline in the video below.  Therefore I focus on the aspect of being prepared in the context of giving public presentations in business. What I did not cover was being prepared in other areas such as running business events. Many people that have attended the events I've run over the past 8 or so years in business - art exhibitions, property seminars and workshops and now most recently business events - all give feedback that they feel welcomed, it is a professional experience with high quality speakers and run to time.

Although the events I run may feel effortless when you attend, I can assure you that a great deal of planning and attention to detail goes into making these events appear 'effortless'. This fact is largely misunderstood or simply not known with both preparing to speak at events and also running events. Which is what motivated me to approach events expert Caroline Shaw to be one of Out of the Box Biz expert guest speakers.

Therefore this week, I encourage you to take the time to include in your daily business routine being able to be prepared.

The weekly update video covers the recommendations to:

  • Be Prepared when presenting live presentations in Business
  • Take the Time to Rehearse
  • Plan your Presentations
  • Rehearse with your completed slideshow
  • Be you no need to 'memorise' your presentation and more

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

First Wednesday Weekly Business Update Published - Topic 'Be Consistent'

I'm very much looking forward to sharing this my first Wednesday Weekly Business Update on my YouTube channel. #weeklybusinessupdate

So why am I doing this other than why not?

Well for a multitude of reasons from it being a close online medium to face-to-face communication (my favourite soap box topic) - to reigniting a passion of mine, film which I studied back in University years ago to it was always a part of the marketing mix for all that I do (although the latter is less exciting) - to recently been inspired by my 9 year old son and conversations with him about social media channels and business.

In addition to all of these reasons, I was sharing my vision with one of our most recent members yesterday that I wish to build my personal brand for business beyond my home town, Perth Western Australia - this is for the benefit of the already 100 members of Out of the Box Biz we have. As I have been in business for 8 and a half years and this most recent business is only 2 and a half years old - when I began this business it was off the credibility I provided as I was already known to the local business market. Therefore I wish to grow this business beyond Perth Western Australia therefore why I wish to grow my personal brand beyond this locality also. We are able to provide levels of membership for those outside Perth, Western Australia and if we build 50 members in another capital city we can begin running live events there also.

My son and I were both researching about 'Youtubers' together and I have become fascinated by the following and influence they attract. There is no 'fluke' why many of them have achieved such high numbers of subscribers - we're talking in the millions here - while their content may or may not be of appeal to you personally, I am more interested in the business fundamentals and principles they are following. One of which is to 'Be Consistent'. This is the topic of this my first Weekly Business Update. Please check it out on the video below and I would love to hear your comments or receive your likes or subscriptions.

Have a great day Being Consistent in Business #be consistent

Monday, May 23, 2016

Telling the world about my blog

I've finally decided to share to the world my own blog and as so had this video created what do you think?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Retro Microphone

Well it completely is the small things in life that get you excited isn't it?

I feel very blessed to have a partner that seems to understand my joy and elation at having purchased not only an external microphone to record my YouTube channel videos, quirky chats, tips and musings but to be thrilled it has a 'retro' look. Aesthetics are totally everything... anyway, I explain what happened from logical research to the final purchase in the video:

Please subscribe, like or comment on my channel - thanking you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Video although not Face-to-Face Communication is a good medium just the same

I have had the intention to share more video content for the longest time and simply haven't. After spending some quality time with an Out of the Box Thinker from my business, Out of the Box Biz, Linda McMahon (she's an accountability, productivity and systems expert) - I was inspired and motivated to just do it - to take action. As all those that work with me know, particularly my mentoring clients, I LOVE action takers!

So why video content? Well it definitely does not replace face-to-face communication but it does show people in a more comprehensive with more complexities of communication available. What I mean is, you can view body language, vocal tone and inflection and eye contact (as long as they know where to look). Therefore you're able to receive more information than say a text message or email.

Therefore... I am inspired to re-launch/ re-ignite my Youtube Channel... (which I know I have mentioned earlier this week but...) I have decided to commit to a weekly 'Conversation' video; like a weekly Vlog (Video Blog). 

So jump on over and Subscribe to my channel and share your comments and feedback: 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fleur Recommends Highrise CRM

It has been like returning back to an old friend. I have recently returned using Highrise CRM as my own personal overall database.

Why? Because I like to:

1. Keep track of conversations
2. I've used it before many years ago
3. I like the tasks ability and
4. Cases feature
5. Use something that is oh so simple to use

I'm still using Ontraport for my specific marketing CRM and landing page, sequencing and email management however wanted a CRM separate for all my own contacts over the years and suppliers etc that I don't necessarily market too but still use on occasion or communicate with. I'd love to show you social proof and not just my word for it but can't seem to find them on social media. So I guess at present you'll just need to take my word for it...

Anyway, try it out if you're in the market for a CRM - if not then no problemo

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My YouTube Channel

Goodness I have neglected my blog - completely unintentional - but good news is, I'm thrilled to confirm I will be working on my personal YouTube Channel as well as channel's for my 2 businesses: Out of the Box Biz and Property with Purpose.

Why? I just love video, always have... I have a great deal of footage that simply has not been shared so I am committing to getting it organised and sharing it to assist those that are interested in following what I share.

Plus an added bonus is Vblogging or Video blogging is the way to go and short videos have been receiving the most engagement and views by a long way compared to other modes or educational/information channels of communication.

Did you know that Youtube is the second most used search engine behind Google? No wonder Google bought it... so love to hear your comments and suggestions of content.

Check out my YouTube Channel here

Friday, April 15, 2016

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!” Brian Tracy

Planning coupled with daily consistent action is one of the most powerful combinations for success.

It is now April and and a good time to be reviewing your annual December/January goals. Visiting goals once a year is not as productive quarterly or monthly is much more ideal. Why? Because tracking your progress more frequently ensures you are actually staying focused and on track.  In addition, circumstances change from time to time and your goals simply may need to change direction. For example, I often am told 'I don't set goals in case I don't achieve them' as a justification for not setting goals. My reply is - they are your goals, you own them, so you have the power to adapt and change them. Why limit yourself by fear of failure?

I personally use Brian Tracy's planning method because it is simple to follow and takes you to a deeper level that really gets you thinking about what exactly it is you want in all areas of life:

Net worth

I invite you to gain access to Brian Tracy's 6-step book planning worksheet here

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Get in the Go Zone

I recently met and heard author Mark McKeon speak at a National Conference in Melbourne. His presentation inspired me enough to approach him to meet him and buy his book, Get in the Go Zone:

After reading his book it motivated me to put into action daily and weekly the different zones into my schedule - it highlighted how few No Zones I was doing and really true Go Zones too. Not only have I been more focused and productive but each time I follow the discipline, I feel better too.

Reading the book also motivated me to ask Mark if I could sell his book over here in Perth as he is not located here.  In Mark's words he said 'My goal is to share the Go Zone with 50,000 people this year via speaking, books, online etc. i would love you to help me.'

Therefore I invite you to help me to help him.

The book is a very practical read, I did so in an afternoon and was implementing the learnings the same day.

The book is available online refer to the image above and if you purchase online.

My next ambition is to inspire the author by us demonstrating enough help and value in achieving his goal here out west in Perth and my business Out of the Box Biz that he seriously considers becoming one of our speakers in Melbourne and Perth.

You just won't regret buying this little but transformational book

Let's Go!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Life Coaching - who needs it?

I know many people are confused about Life Coaching or just don't understand who needs it...

To me life coaching is about seeking support for any blocks and frustrations or areas that you just can't seem to push through to a new or higher level on your own. We really 'don't know what we don't know' and for this reason in 2014 and 2015 I attended one of Dee Littlewood's seminars plus some 121 coaching in 2015 to blast through an area of my life that I just seemed to be stuck.

To be honest Dee addressed, explored and taught me how to move through the issue with such elegance, grace and ease that I am still in awe thinking back.

Dee is an exceptional life coach but I much prefer of soul coach to describe her. No matter who you are or where you are at in life Dee has a beautiful way of drawing out the blocks you maybe repeating and teaches you how to release these and move on to move closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations. I highly recommend her.

As General Manager, Life Master Speaker and Practitioner Trainer for Holistic Wellness Coaching Institute she runs a one day event called 'Life Mastery Seminar' in locations Australia wide.

To find out more about Dee go here

To find out when the Life Master Seminars are go here

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A different take on Your New Year

This is a different take on Your New Year which was a great read...

I enjoy as part of my role as Director of my now 2 year old business, Out of the Box Biz, listening to a great deal of experts and speakers for potential speakers at our live monthly events. 

T Harv Eker is one such speaker and also one that I subscribe too as a mentor to assist me to grow and push towards my goals.

This blog post of his I found a little different to most; as I regularly see people that are receiving and achieving things but because they don't practice daily gratitude other stresses of the day over shadow these positive outcomes. It is SO important to be grateful for what you DO have NOW. When you focus on this what you want to improve will follow elegantly, in flow and with ease. Read more here OR

To Find out more about what T. Harv Eker offers read more here