Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Review and Reset

This week's Business Update was motivated by the End of Financial Year here in Australia - or can be useful elsewhere in the world as the half mark in the calendar year - as a good time to review your current business results and continue what is working and cast a critical eye on what is not working.

This Weekly Update - Review and Reset covers:

  • Review 30 June previous year or half year (End of Financial Year or half way through Calendar Year)
  • Reset 1 July goals
  • Example of strategy to assist review by surveying clients regularly
  • My son's business journey and more

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Don't Do it Alone

During this week I have been in communication with many of my Mentoring Clients - in between their 'official' meetings - because they are achieving and kicking such great goals and making great progress in what they are aspiring to do. This inspired me to share the importance of having:

  • A great support network around you
  • Develop your own Tribe of people you can connect with regularly and can ask for assistance and
  • Seek Mentors in areas of your life you want to take action and excel in
This is what this week's video is all about plus much more:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Your Why

Here is this week's Business Update find out:

  • What this freak jumbo lemon has to do with this week's update
  • What I believe is the reason why I have a cold and
  • Why it's important to Know Your Why
An indication I have a cold is because I uploaded this to the wrong YouTube channel - no matter here it is:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Great experience to share

Last night at my business community, Out of the Box Biz monthly event it was a great and almost surreal experience for me. Why? Our expert guest speaker was Caroline Shaw. Caroline is absolutely the expert and authority when it comes to running profitable business events. So it was a great honour to host her as our expert guest speaker plus hear how we could be doing things better.

I have run 3 businesses all of which have been events based:

- Online art gallery, Interactive Arts ran Art exhibitions and pop-up galleries
- Property mentoring, Property with Purpose run educational seminars and workshops and
- Business community, Out of the Box Biz run monthly business education and networking events and some workshops

Therefore I have a long experience in working in running events however you can never good information too many times, I believe. What last night highlighted to me as a success was:

- Our business community, feels like a community, welcoming, active, positive atmosphere
- We run on time
- We had a full house
- Catering was great
- Technology was kind
- My event support team were fabulous as always - thanking the Out of the Box Thinkers Keith Flynn from Stress free AV, Narelle Manser-Smith our lovely Hostess with the Mostess, Pamela Accurso our Master Networker making sure people are connecting and networking and Ebony from our partner venue Cliftons making the flow of catering happen.

What we need to improve on:
- recruit another Host to assist and support Narelle when it's busy at the registration desk
- recruit an Event Liaise person to be the communication between Out of the Box Biz and Cliftons our venue
- work out how to get Prezi to accept transition change details in Powerpoint presentations when I import them

So not disastrous by any stretch of the imagination but always good to check what's working and keep it and adapt or improve what's not working.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Build a Team

Here is this week's Business Update find out:

  • What IKEA has to do with this week's update
  • Why it's important to Build a Team and
  • What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Be Prepared

This week I decided to share the topic 'Be Prepared' due to preparing my own presentation to the Young Lawyers Committee this week which I outline in the video below.  Therefore I focus on the aspect of being prepared in the context of giving public presentations in business. What I did not cover was being prepared in other areas such as running business events. Many people that have attended the events I've run over the past 8 or so years in business - art exhibitions, property seminars and workshops and now most recently business events - all give feedback that they feel welcomed, it is a professional experience with high quality speakers and run to time.

Although the events I run may feel effortless when you attend, I can assure you that a great deal of planning and attention to detail goes into making these events appear 'effortless'. This fact is largely misunderstood or simply not known with both preparing to speak at events and also running events. Which is what motivated me to approach events expert Caroline Shaw to be one of Out of the Box Biz expert guest speakers.

Therefore this week, I encourage you to take the time to include in your daily business routine being able to be prepared.

The weekly update video covers the recommendations to:

  • Be Prepared when presenting live presentations in Business
  • Take the Time to Rehearse
  • Plan your Presentations
  • Rehearse with your completed slideshow
  • Be you no need to 'memorise' your presentation and more